Sunday, May 23, 2010

Time To Go SHOPPING!!!

I do not intend to write today but one of my favorite shopping mall are having SALES! - WORLDWIDE!!

Actually what happen is, for the past few weeks I keep getting some....whines, complaints etc on the current bear stock market. And they sound like:

"It's a bear market and I can't bear looking at my stocks"
"I feel depress looking at the market"
"I do not dare to 'go in' now, cause I do not when will it stops dropping"
"Are you crazy, it is a bear market now, I'm keeping my cash"

Well, I try to make sense out from this statement and can't find any. Well maybe he feels depress now because he has no money to buy. Anyway, a picture tells a thousand words. Do you think these pictures make any sense to you?

Guys and girls, it's time to go SHOPPING!

Few shopping tips though:
  • buy branded with excellent quality goods. You don't see them selling at a discount that often.
  • be cheap but not too cheap. Don't get too hung up with that few sens that you'll end up missing that valuable item. What's the word again....thrift, yes be thrifty.
  • last but the most important of all, do your homework first. You can check out The List or Ah Boi's blog for some guides or your own.
Happy Shopping :)

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