Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Ugly: Proton and Tan Chong

It is ironic yesterday when I check Proton's closing stock prices and it shows this ->

courtesy of Reuters

That number in Chinese it means die, die, die or dead, dead, dead or death, death, death. Yes, it literally means dead. Proton is not dead - yet. I'm not a feng shui guy but that doesn't look like a good sign.

Proton Holdings Bhd as we all know or all Malaysian know is a 27 years old child. Well, we all know about Proton right, but my curiosity got me into them. Few weeks back my virtual broker got pretty excited about Proton - not the car; And yesterday at headline says Strong Earnings - with Proton's logo. So I went back to find out. This is what I found....

And I stop there. Time is too precious to be wasted. This is definitely not my cup of tea. Well, that's the car maker, we've heard about GM and Ford last year. What about a car distributor? So I went to check out Tan Chong Motor Holdings Bhd, a franchise holder and an exclusive distributor of Nissan and Renault vehicle (I did not check UMW because its business is more diverse). This is what I got....

Tan Chong I love your 350Z but NO, my money isn't going in there either!

Tan Chong earnings is like riding along the turbulent sea of waves; while Proton's is like a child drown in the sea hoping for his parent or someone to save him. It may be fun to speculate on this kind of stocks but not for a conservative investor. That'll put them in The Ugly list for me.

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