Monday, July 26, 2010

Bali (Unedited) - Day 3, Day 4, 1/2 Day 5

Day 3
We purposely wake up earlier today to enjoy the morning scenery of paddy field. Well, the main reason I book this room. I have the better view of the Balinese design of this room and the owner does seem to put the effort to keep it as Balinese as possible while trying to blend in electrical electrical appliances (I have trouble finding the air cond at first). We order our breakfast to our room's balcony, eating while watching farmers and 'bebek' working their farm - just to be spoiled by some dudes blasting what I guess "Indonesian Idols" so loud.

We went to get some souvenir at the Ubud market. You gotta love the price war here. Things are really cheap there IF you know how to bargain. Bargaining using my mouth isn't my best attribute but I can say my bargaining skill have improve a lot after the visit. Anyway, it is really essential if you were to avoid getting ripped off and their appetite aren't small neither. There is a guy who tried to sell me some carvings for RP600,000 initially before I eventually bought them for RP30,000. That's 20X! So be warned :). Anyway, I stop by the entrance of someone else's house to take the picture of this magnificent carving. This must be "somebody".

We stop by at 2 silver craft shops and a Batik shop to shop for more souvenirs. If you shop at UC Silver, you'll get a short silverware factory tour before moving on to the shop. However, we didn't buy any silverware - guess they are a little too expensive i suppose. Nevertheless, we are amazed with the fine details of craftsmanship touches. However at the Batik shop, I get a hand drawn T-shirt. I pick the picture of Barong and she drew it the on the spot for me. Drawing is free but I gave her some tips. 

After having a series of unsatisfying buffet lunch, we asked Pak Karya to take us for some local food and he took us to a Warung with a cute name, Warung Manalagi. He recommended Soto Kambing (Mutton Soup) and Sate Kambing (Mutton Satay) was EXCELLENT!. The soup is excellent and the mutton is so tender. This is the best meal I had by far in Bali. According to Pak Karya, the mutton served in most warungs are fresh. Live goats are slaughtered every morning and distributed among the warungs. I was so satisfied with the meal that I treated Pak Karya this lunch. He was really a nice guy anyway.

We miss the sunset at Tanah Lot, but we did not miss the one at Uluwatu. It would have been a pretty romantic spot if not because of those monkeys. Pak Karya was kind enough to accompany us to the temple and shield us from the monkeys as well.

Almost every one who visits Bali goes to Jimbaran Beach for dinner. Well, I don't think it is a dinner meant for a couple as you can't really order the premium seafood else it'll be too much, too expensive that you can't finish them. So we order the couple set and yeah...this was the most expensive meal we had. 

Day 4
Today is a free and easy day so no driver service, we then took a taxi to Kuta. I'm not sure is it because my Crocs sandals but I don't feel tired walking in those pairs. Not that I like shopping but it works. We shopped at Matahari in the morning and walk to Discover Mall later that evening. There are many D&G shops as we walked along and the big "Jeans for RP100000" pulled me into one of those. D&G for RP100,000? Nah. I was right indeed. They were fake. How did I know? I saw two Versace and Armani Exchange jeans with the exactly same design selling at the exact same price. Confirmed fake. 

We get to watch sunset again at the beach next to Discovery Mall. This time without the monkeys. It was.....

Day 5
Our flight back to KL is at 6.00am. All I have to say is...THANK YOU AirAsia for having the 6.00am flight...and Thank You for placing me at the right side of the plane although you don't intend to.....for this WONDERFUL sight....

Travel Itenary:
Day 0 - arrive Bali airport then transfer to the Tune Hotel Kuta.

 Day 1 - Depart from Hotel, we visit Barong dance, arts villages then kintamani, from here we can see
 Mount Batur or the Volcano and having lunch, then visit coffee plantation here we can taste Bali coffee
 and also coffee luak. after we visit Holy spring temple, rice terrace then shoping at Ubud Market.
 check -in at ubud Hotel.

 Day 2 - depart from Hotel, we visit Taman ayun temple, Tanah lot temple, then Bedugul to see
 the lake temple, having lunch then back to ubud, you can go for spa at verona as it's located in Ubud.

 Day 3 - afternoon depart from Ubud Hotel, visit Uluwatu temple, dreamland beach then dinner at jimbaran
 then check-in at Kuta hotel.

 Day 4 - Free and easy at Kuta.

 Day 5 - Transfer back to airport.

Tour Guide/Driver Info:
Nyoman Karya
Tel: (0361) 947360
HP: 081933115755

or you can email his friend:


jeff said...

Hi, which driver did you use, Nyoman or his friend? And how much are the charges (for 8hrs, and a day)?

LuZeeker said...

I had Nyoman for the entire trip. Couldn't quite remember the price. Roughly about RM500 for 3 full days and 2 trips to and fro from airports.

Not sure how much will he charge for a day.