Saturday, October 9, 2010

It Opens Our Mind

First, this is not a political blog nor it is intended to be.

Someone shared this on Facebook today. Although this movie that I shared here has nothing to do investment, I feel that it is my responsible as a citizen to share this. Because I don't think this movie is going to be shown on our cinema.

So sit back and relax, get some snack, gather your family, friends or relative and watch :)

Movie Title: Gadoh
One of the great Msian movie in the modern days after Sepet. A truly Msian movie and it touches everyone of us. Congratulations to Big Pictures Production and Pusat Komas for this piece of art.

Click on this link below to watch. Trust me it worths your time.

Sorry for being emo, but this movie touches my heart and I kinda laugh at some scene. They nail it.

And if you ever wonder how I look like, urmm.....well, if my hair is little longer and if I kena belasah by someone I would probably look something like this. Haha.

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