Tuesday, May 1, 2012

428, A Day When Malaysians Stand Up and Be Counted

I'm back and I'm writing. Yes, right after 428 (OK, few days after. You have to forgive me. I have to say it is a tiring day but a proud day). I really can't explain the sensation of standing right in the middle, watching what..thousands and thousands of Malaysian singing and chanting "Bersih!" marching towards Masjid Jamek. I was standing with my friend and he was saying "What a crowd. What a massive crowd" and I and can only reply "Wao!". It was an emotional moment I have to say. (This video wasn't any headline video, but just an amazing sight from a person among the crowd 360 point of view)

Okay, I am not going to write about my personal account on what I experienced through that day, but rather a thought about the whole event. I guess mine was no different from others that you have read. Although I have to say, the tear gas felt from as far as almost 1km away (I can clearly see it came from the top of the roof of a building and was carried by the wind towards us) was pretty "hot". Yes, it was burning. It made me wonder how those brave folks who kena direct hit would felt. I can only think...like hell. Again, that was all unnecessary. Police could have warn us to disperse.

I'm not here to defend those who broke the law or so called "created violence", but I have to say, those crowd were no way looked like they are going to create any kind of  "violence". Polices passed through the crowds  for a few times, and I can say, some of us were just smiling and most of us were chanting "Bersih! Bersih!".  It wasn't until the tear gas were fired when we turned a little hostile. But at most, we were just booing the police from what I witnessed. Perhaps those Masjid Jamek crowd managed to keep their feeling controlled. But most of us were confused. It wasn't until I got back home to read the news on the Internet that I realised that we were told to dispersed much earlier (we stayed till 4pm). And it wasn't until I read a comment with some photographic evident that I knew why a friend of mine did not receive any "updates" in Masjid Jamek (she sort of subscribed to some updates from Bersih). - food for thought: why do the government create all the trouble to "protect" an empty Dataran Merdeka.....err....at times....we have to question their IQ.

Alright, I cerita too much. Lets us not swayed away by mainstream media about the violence (which might have provocated) and focus on the main thing. The voice of the 99% of the 250 000 people plus all those Malaysians all over the world cannot be ignored. The demand for free and fair election is a fundamental of democracy. If we are as democratic as we preach, why do the government so afraid of an electoral reform? The 8 demands aren't too much and make a lot of sense. So Why?! And for the EC's chairman aren't you supposed to disclose your "terlupa" UMNO membership much earlier? Why wait till people dig it out? And if the rakyat lost confidence in you, aren't you supposed to step down? - You are the EC for god's sake

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